Apple cider-braised pork roast

Dark Days, February 15. We had some apple cider from Patterson’s left (which is working on becoming hard cider…), and I’ve been meaning to try this, so last night I did. I think I’ve only braised things twice now, but it’s quickly becoming a favorite method of cooking. If you start everything early enough to account for a couple hours of cooking time, things work out great.

For this dinner, I pulled out a pork shoulder roast from our hog, browned both sides for a couple minutes each in the Dutch oven, then simply poured in enough cider to just about cover it. Simmer over low heat for 2 1/2 to 3 hours, then remove and watch it fall apart on the plate.

I served this with the last of the Delicata squash, which I sauteed in a maple syrup-apple cider reduction. Delectable.

Very apple-y and gently sweet – the perfect flavor accompaniment for the luxuriously tender pork.


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