Two kinds of cold

We had another nice winter blast this weekend – it’s been bitterly cold and windy since Friday, and it snowed constantly until Sunday night. I’m not sure how much we ended up with because the wind just blew it around, but it was probably somewhere in the neighborhood of six inches. Not even what I’d consider a major snow event around here, but more than we’ve had for most of this winter. Still can’t complain though, with as mild as it’s been. That being said, I’m still ready for spring.

In addition to the weather, C came down with the sniffles the other day, so he’s been a little stuffy. He’s usually pretty healthy, but he was with a bunch of other kids on Thursday, and I guess when you put a bunch of dirty little creatures in a room together, something’s gotta give. I suppose if we try to spin it in a positive way, it helps his immune system get stronger.

Of course, you couldn’t tell that he’s feeling any different – he’s his usual wild self, just with a runny nose. He hasn’t quite gotten the concept of blowing his nose, so we still just have to wipe for now. When do they figure out how to blow through their nose?

Can you tell he's sick?


2 thoughts on “Two kinds of cold

  1. I think each kid is different with blowing their noses, but Maria has a love for the nasal aspirator. She thinks it is funny~ and it clears her nose, so we pulled that back out from the baby stuff for cold season.

    • We tried that too the past couple days, and he mostly just laughed (the suction must tickle; maybe I should try it and see…), which is a marked improvement from the fit he used to throw when we stuck it in his nose.

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