Mt. Mitchell and Linville Falls

While we were down in North Carolina last weekend, we took the kids (and my parents) on part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, stopping at Mt. Mitchell and Linville Falls along the way.

Mt. Mitchell is the highest point east of the Mississippi, at about 6700 ft. So that means while C was riding on Papi’s shoulders, he was the highest point east of the Mississippi 🙂 The view is nice from up here, provided there is a view – since it’s high, you’re often driving up into the clouds. S and I were here several years ago, and our view consisted of my hands held in front of my face, plus maybe a few feet beyond that.


This time, we drove through some clouds on the way up, which made me a bit nervous, but once we made it to the top, it cleared up about halfway – looking one direction, we had a beautiful view, while the other side of the mountain had a pretty solid cloudbank running into it. Pretty neat to see it from above.


After Mt. Mitchell (complete with a picnic), we headed on up the road to Linville Falls. There a little bit of a hike here to some of the upper viewing spots, but nothing too strenuous, but C and E both did a great job. Of course, I’d do pretty well too if I was strapped to someone’s chest… C did run most of the way – it wasn’t so much a matter of him keeping up with us, as the other way around. Surprise.