Garden Update 9/4

Here we are, September already, and feeling a bit more like fall the past couple days. The months just fly by, don’t they?

We’re picking regularly from the garden, including beans, tomatoes, some peppers, a couple holdover broccoli plants, and lots of fresh herbs. The garlic has been up for a few weeks, the onions are ready to pull, and the corn is almost there – still unsure of the longevity of corn in the garden, due to the space it takes up vs. the relatively small output. I’m thinking maybe we’ll just do one variety for grinding in the future, and rely on local farm stands for our sweet corn.

Cukes, zukes, and most other squash are about kaput. Between cucumber beetles, slugs, and an early powdery mildew season (knew all that rain wasn’t all good), they just couldn’t handle it. The second planting of carrots also got pretty well decimated by slugs, so I won’t have much of a harvest there. Beans are growing like crazy, the eggplant is being smothered by the monster tomatillo, and the okra is just now tall enough that it’s peeking above the monster tomatillo, so now that it’s getting more sun, maybe we’ll finally get some more okra. Always an adventure, this gardening thing.



The monster tomatillos, sprawling over everything. Definitely don’t need four plants, unless you’re doing lots and lots of salsa verde.



Corn and sad cucumbers, along with some leeks, parsnips, and celery root in the foreground.


Bean teepees are covered. Those things like to climb.


Good pepper crop so far, though I’m waiting for them to color up before picking most of them. The cayenne in the front is very prolific, and a little goes a long way, so there’s zero chance we’ll ever use that many (dozens). If you want some, let me know!


One thought on “Garden Update 9/4

  1. I’m with you on the corn. I don’t really have space for it. I live near the downtown of a small city, so I do what I can in a medium-sized backyard and a few containers here and there. My peppers are turning odd colors, but they taste fine, so I’m picking them and pickling them or cooking them as usual.

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