White Tomesol tomato

One of the new tomato varieties we tried this year was the White Tomesol. I picked it up from Baker Creek, who describe it this way: “An amazing heirloom that is bursting with fragrance and natural goodness that’s hard to beat. One of the best tomatoes I have tasted, being both sweet and rich. The cream colored fruit are beautiful, smooth and weigh about 8 ounces each. The vines set heavy yields of this rare treasure.”

The first one ripened up the other day – it’s a light creamy color with darker yellow shoulders. Nice looking, and would look pretty on a plate with some darker red or purple slices. It’s your typical tomato size, roughly a baseball, more oblong than round (though if anyone really cares about perfect roundness, you should stick to the grocery store).

Taste is a solid tomato flavor – not overly sweet (especially right after you’ve eaten some Sungold), more acid than sugar, but not too much on the tart side either. Good, but if I were growing solely for flavor and not factoring in appearance, it probably wouldn’t make the top ten list. But of course, I grow as many colors as possible – who wants all red and boring? It certainly tastes good enough that it should stay on the list of keepers, at least until I run out of room for trying even more new varieties.




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