First egg and a miracle

Just about a week ago, one of the girls laid the first egg – they’re finally starting to earn their keep (at least one of them)! Once they all get into the swing of things, we should be getting somewhere between 2 and 4 dozen a week. Not bad from a handful of oversize sparrows (really, I do value them more than that :)).


To coincide with this momentous occasion came another that can only be attributed to God’s humor. I took C in on Monday for an egg challenge as part of his allergy testing, and after it was all said and done, the doctor gave him the green light to eat eggs! Needless to say, he’s more or less lived on egg sandwiches for breakfast since then. The girls need to pick up the pace, because he has three egg-free years to make up for.


First bites of a real live egg.

If this worked for dairy, I’d go out and get a cow (or a goat… what do you say, dear?).



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