Flying the coop

We’re empty-nesters now. Last chicken idiom, I promise.

Actually, the chickens have been out for months, but I haven’t gotten around to a post about it. I finished the coop just as we (S) were reaching a breaking point with all the dust and noise emanating from the mudroom. And really, they were getting big, and were pretty cramped in their (deluxe, two room) box. And the rooster-that-wasn’t-supposed-to-be was just figuring out how to crow (had he been inside much longer, he would have been dinner). So they moved out.

Their new digs come complete with a two-story perch, easy access from the front or the side, private nesting boxes, and a lovely covered porch. They like being outside. We like it too.


The day of the move. C supervising, making sure I don’t mess anything up.



After they’re a bit more settled in. Our girls are all grown up. SONY DSC


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