Garden update 7/25

As usual, a  summer of ups and downs in the garden. We’ve had plenty of rain (16 straight days at one point), and it’s been warm, so most everything is growing (and growing and growing, in many cases). Haven’t had to water once (aside from keeping some seeds moist for a few days).

One of the downsides to all that rain are the slugs. I fought them, but eventually just abandoned my bed of greens; I lost a good number of beans to them as well. Not sure if it’s moisture-related, but there have been a high number of cucumber beetles too, which has led to a few of my cucumbers being afflicted with whatever virus they spread.

On the plus side, the corn is happy, the tomatoes are covered (we picked the first of the season a few days ago), and my onions are looking better than I’ve ever seen, which isn’t saying much, but still. I’m expecting big things from the potatoes, and most of the beans are enjoying life right now.

In another couple weeks, I’ll rip out the greens and start seeds for the fall/winter garden; I started some seeds for fall brassicas, but almost nothing germinated, so I’ve given up on those for this year. Next year, I’ll be able to stick to a better schedule, right? Or do you mean to tell me that I’ll never have as much time as I think until the kids move out?


A couple of the new beds in the front; see the sprawling tomatillo?




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