Garden update 5/29

Crazy weekend we had. Memorial Day, the unofficial summer kick-off, is usually pretty warm. This year we had three straight nights of frost warnings, coming just a couple days after I planted all my tender vegetables outside. What the heck?

I covered stuff and we survived.

Finally, just about everything is planted. I finished all the seeds except the beans (of which I think I have about 10 varieties – I know). Some new stuff this year includes salsify and celeriac. I’m trying more root vegetables, since that’s a chunk of our diet in the winter months. We’re also trying okra (C loved it the only time he’s eaten it – of course, that probably means he won’t touch it the next time) and tomatillos, to make some homemade salsa verde.

Since I have no self-control, I planted 50 tomatoes (okay, 48), in a dozen different varieties. We literally have every color except blue, including white and “black” – if nothing else, it’ll make for pretty salads.

Peas are starting to hit their stride, and grow a couple inches a day, it seems. Most of the early leafy stuff is just about ready for harvest, as are the radishes. Despite starting everything later than normal, we seem to be okay. I added four new beds and planted, in my estimation, over 35 different vegetable (not including the multiple varieties of squash, beans, tomatoes, etc.). Looking forward to a good growing season.


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