We have new pets

About six weeks ago, we took the next logical step on our homesteading journey… okay, logic has nothing to do with it. There’s a distinct lack of that around here sometimes.

Anyway, I picked up 10 chicks. The egg-laying, feathered variety. Although back in my heyday, I could have picked up… I’ll stop, since S is no doubt reading, and I don’t need to remind her of college šŸ™‚

So, we have some Buff Orpingtons, Barred Rock, Australorp, and Easter Eggers (the Americana mutts that lay blue eggs). They grow fast, make a lot of noise, and poop a lot. (Again, we’re talking about chickens, not the kids.)

The coop is currently under construction, and assuming it ever warms up, they should be in their new (outside) home in a couple weeks. Once they start producing, I figure we could get a few dozen eggs a week. I like not having to buy food.



One thought on “We have new pets

  1. Not only will you not have to buy the eggs, you CAN’T buy eggs anything like free-range ones from your own chickens. The difference is so astounding that it’s the only reason I tolerate our free-ranging, free-destroying chickens.Watch your gardens (edible and flowers); they’ll scratch up EVERYTHING.

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