He’ll dress himself, thank you very much

Apparently C was in a Buckeye kind of mood the other day.

I went to get him after quiet time, and he’d changed his outfit. Not only did he have everything on the right way, he’d managed to squeeze himself into a size 12 (12 month, that is). And to top it all off, since mom was at work and couldn’t stop it, dad (gasp) let him wear it out into public… at least the top (which is actually a onesie, but looked kinda nice with shirttails).

I did manage to change his pants before we left the house, but he put up a fight with the shirt, and I didn’t care enough to stop him. At least he coordinated his outfit – that’s more than can be said for me, sometimes.




One thought on “He’ll dress himself, thank you very much

  1. My sister-in-law has said before that she’s going to get some stickers made for her daughters that say, “My dad dressed me today.” So their mom isn’t blamed for their outfits. My brother is color blind. Literally. It can be ugly.

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