That’s more like it

We’ve finally had some weather befitting of being called spring, so we were able to get a few more things done over the weekend. Not a lot though, as S had to work yesterday afternoon, and while C is to the point where I can have him outside with me and not have to worry about him just wandering off into the woods, we now have E to contend with. So far, her naps are short, which leaves me time to get boots on and head out… then about five minutes later, she’s awake. I can’t very well leave her on a blanket in the yard, because the dogs would probably lick her until there was nothing left, and it’s a bit of a hassle to drag the playpen out of the basement. Aside from that, she’s already displaying quintessential female characteristics – needing extensive social interaction, maintaining eye contact when you’re talking, etc. (no disrespect intended to females :)) – so we can’t really put her down and expect her to be content for too long.

I’d like to get some seeds in the ground here soon, and transplant the broccoli, cabbage, and kale that’s in the basement. Weird germination story of the day: I planted a bunch of leeks over a month ago. Four came up within a week, all in cells next to each other. I thought the others were done for, but on Saturday, most of the rest started popping up. How’s that happen? It was the same batch of seeds – I can understand a few late bloomers, but more than a dozen? All on the same day? Just when you think you’ve got it figured out…


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