Has it been that long?

E is almost three months old already. Crazy.

She still sleeps pretty well, eats like a champ (and promptly spits it back up), doesn’t like to be still, and prefers to sit up over lying down. I’m not sure if that is just a typical baby thing, but C also had a definite dislike for prone-ness (and general inability to hold still), and it has stuck with him, so she makes me a little nervous. If she weren’t already such a great sleeper, I’d be terrified. I guess we can live with a wild child who will at least tolerate slumber. It’s a good thing they’re so cute when they’re little…




One thought on “Has it been that long?

  1. Every photo you post of this gorgeous girl makes me a little wistful that I will never have a daughter. I mean, theoretically, I COULD, but then I could also have boy after boy after boy and frankly I can’t take that chance. Two boys is enough for me.

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