Happy Spring!

Here in northern Ohio, we are still waiting. Usually by this time, we’ve had a stretch of sorta nice days to whet our appetite, but outside of a few widely scattered periods, nothing so far. The good is that, unlike last year, when we had a week-long stretch in the 70s in the middle of March, nothing is leafing out or starting to grow (only to get frozen to death a week later). The bad is that… I’ve had enough of winter 2012-13. Yes, I like the different seasons, snow, blah, blah, blah. After a point though, I don’t care anymore and I just want it to get warm and green.

Seeds have been started, and some things will be ready to go outside in a couple weeks, if the ground ever thaws.

The dogs are tired of frozen stuff too.

I tapped some trees two weeks ago, and had a nice two-day stretch of sap flowing, at which point the temps dropped below freezing, where we remain. So, maple season 2013 has still yielded nothing, with no plans in the immediate future (forecast is for below freezing for the rest of the week with a lake effect snow warning for the next two days – yay spring!).


C needs to get out of the house too. We venture out occasionally, but not enough.

We’re getting a little stir-crazy around here.


One thought on “Happy Spring!

  1. March is THE WORST. So close to warm weather, and yet it feels like so very, very far.

    My older son has gotten over his sulky winter refusal to go outside. This is both good and bad. Good because he’s much easier to handle when he’s outside. As your son is as well, I would imagine. But bad because he ALWAYS wants to be outside now, regardless of little inconveniences like howling wind, blowing snow, the fact that his mother is weighted down with 20 pounds of baby, and sometimes I have to be inside to do things like cook dinner.

    Oh well. Soon enough I can just send him outside on his own, right? Right. In theory.

    Hang on. Spring always does come (REAL spring, not the laughable time period as indicated by the calendar), even when it seems like winter will never end.

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