Three weeks and counting

So, we’ve all survived three weeks, relatively unscathed. E is still sleeping well, most, or at least some of the time. She even pulled out a six-hour stretch several nights ago (something her brother didn’t do until he was probably eight months old), and promptly followed that up with a night of waking every two hours. Baby steps… She’s also eating like a champ (I can tell she’s mine), and packed on almost a pound and a half in just over a week and a half. May not seem like much, but that’s a nearly 20% weight gain in eleven days.

In other news, C is still mostly a pretty good big brother, though he’s been a little crabbier lately. Whether that stems from a bit of jealousy, or just his outright refusal to take naps anymore (he’ll even tell us he’s tired and wants to sleep, but when it comes time, he wants nothing to do with it), I can’t say. I’ve been trying to pay extra attention to him so he doesn’t feel like he’s being ignored. Again, being the oldest, I know how it feels to be last year’s model when the new one comes out… just kidding, mom and dad 🙂

The fun is just beginning!


How babies can sleep in the various positions that they do, I’ll never understand.


This is a pretty sweet feeling.


2 thoughts on “Three weeks and counting

  1. My older son started refusing naps for awhile after the baby was born. I think he didn’t want to miss out on anything? Maybe? I don’t know; it was a dark period for me. He did go back to his regular long naps shortly thereafter. He’s always been a pretty good sleeper though.

    I hope for your sake the naps aren’t a thing of the past entirely.

  2. Yeah, he’s never been much of a sleeper, so I’m afraid. I think in general he feels like he doesn’t want to miss out on things – he just keeps going and going until he drops, then gets up and goes some more.

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