Bloody Butcher corn

This is an old heirloom variety, grown primarily for cornmeal – yeah, I’m looking forward to red-tinted polenta and cornbread. Of course, I chose it because it’s different, but it was fairly productive too. It wasn’t the best corn summer, so neither one of the varieties I grew did awesome, but this one produced better than the Golden Bantam I tried. The stalks are tall (a good 10′ or so; when dry, they make for nice fall decorations) and many of them bore multiple ears (though none of them were terribly big – again, it was really, really dry this summer). I let the ears dry in the field; just pick them when everything is dry and brown. They do look nice, and it was fun removing the kernels from the cob. Definitely saving some seed to plant next year. If this does well, I may never need to buy grits again.




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