Restaurant review: Early Girl Eatery

“A farm-to-table Southern comfort food experience” is how the Early Girl Eatery describes herself. This Asheville establishment serves breakfast all day, and has a nice variety of regular dishes and daily specials to fit your mood. As with most everything in this city, it’s a bit quirky, but in a good way. It’s a good place to stop for a bite to eat for lunch, which is what we did after some walking around.

We had C, which complicates anything we try to do, as he cannot sit still or keep his attention on anything for more than a minute or two (not that we expect a 2 1/2 year-old to be able to). The staff was very accommodating though, and brought out not only crayons, but an entire bucket full of little toys. Not that it made an ounce of difference or kept him satisfied any longer, but it was a nice gesture. This boy is just not one for sitting and playing with toys. What kept his attention the most was the squeeze bottle full of jelly on the table – he’d put some on his spoon, then eat it, a little bit at a time. Whatever keeps him happy.

Quite coordinated – maybe he has a future as a heart surgeon.

S tried the sweet potato black bean cakes, and I had the meatloaf. I’m pretty sure I’ve never ordered meatloaf anywhere, because that’s one of those things that just doesn’t compare to homemade, but it was really good. We had a variety of sides, which were mostly pretty good. The grits were on the bland side, but the house biscuits were fluffy and delicious. C managed to eat his applesauce before trying to climb out of his chair to go outside and see the music (one of the quirks of Asheville is the street music – almost literally on every corner; some are quite good, and some, well, C could have joined in and nobody would have noticed the difference).

All in all, Early Girl gets a 5 out of 7. The food was good, service was very nice, and the prices… well, Dad paid for us, but the prices were fine too 🙂 Stop in for a visit if you’re ever that way.

Early Girl Eatery on Urbanspoon


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