Playin’ in the sand

Forget the fact that it’s November – granted, it’s North Carolina, so it was a bit warmer, but there’s still a chill in the air out of the sun, and the water’s certainly not warm. We did go back to “Carolinas,” as C calls it, a couple weeks ago, and not surprisingly, he insisted on getting wet and sandy. And silly us, we didn’t pack appropriate attire, thinking he wouldn’t want to be in the water. Of course, after two years, we should have known better and at least packed some water shoes. But he would wade out slowly in his tennis shoes, just getting his toes wet, then his feet, then eventually he was in up to his knees. And not just once, every day we were there. We went through lots of socks and pants. At least he had a good time.

Just chilling by the fire, eating s’mores. Or at least whatever didn’t end up on his face.


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