Garden update 11/7

That’s pretty much a wrap for the year. We had our first hard freeze the other night, which was actually a bit later than normal. The first frost was almost a month ago, but was very light and sporadic, with only a few spots in the front yard getting hit. I picked all the tomatoes and peppers that were left, and they’re ripening (or rotting, in the case of a bunch of the tomatoes) inside. I ended up with more green tomatoes than I picked ripe ones all summer long, I think. I hate when that happens.

We had about 8 inches of rain over the past week or so, so the precipitation total for the year will probably end up somewhere around average, even though we certainly had less than 8 inches total from the end of May through Labor Day. Averages don’t matter if it all comes at once. We finally had a nice sunny day yesterday, after 10 days of clouds. Kinda hurt my eyes. It was very brisk though, definitely one of those mornings where you wake up and head outside, and think, “Ready or not, here it comes.” I need to finish up the cold frame and get the garlic in the ground.

I’ll probably do another full recap in a couple weeks, like last year, more for my benefit than anything else. I already have plenty of ideas for next year, which I suppose is a good thing – if you’re not making changes, you’re not improving, or however that quote goes. Lots of new stuff always on the horizon, which drives S crazy sometimes. My evolution over the past five years has been pretty interesting, though I am kind of biased.


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