Lest we forgot that we’re not in charge…

Nothing like the raw power of the weather to remind us how small we really are. It astounds me that even here in Ohio, hundreds of miles removed from the center of this storm, we’re still getting this kind of wind and rain. I’ve seen stronger wind gusts, but nothing like this sustained, and it hasn’t stopped raining since Saturday night. We did lose power overnight for a couple hours, leading to some tense moments hoping the basement wouldn’t flood, but all is clear right now, and we have nothing like the areas facing the brunt of it on the East coast. Looks like the worst is past, but it’s going to be a while to get everything back to normal. Stay safe out there.


One thought on “Lest we forgot that we’re not in charge…

  1. We live west of downtown and lost power for three days. Some, further west of us, lost it for more like 5-6 days. I don’t know that the kids will ever forget the year of “the hurricane.”

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