Weekend getaway to the Poconos

Well, we got to take our sort-of annual trip without any kids. Of course, since C came along, what used to be a week-plus excursion has turned into a long weekend. Not complaining though.

We stayed a little closer this year, and headed to northeast PA and the Pocono area. As I’ve mentioned in the past, we tend to find ourselves in the mountains in the fall, and while this wasn’t quite as dramatic as New England or the Blue Ridge, it was still a very pretty area, and not as crowded. They don’t really cater to amateur photographers either – while there seems to be a stop about every three miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway, there was nary a scenic overlook to be had on an entire five-hour drive. So we had to make do and pull a few U-turns to find random clearings on the side of the road…

We started the trip driving northeast of Wilkes-Barre, going almost to the New York border before meandering down along the Delaware River toward Honesdale, where we had our home base set up. Actually, right outside of Honesdale, at a lovely little B & B called the James Manning House. If you’re ever in the area, spend a night or two here; you won’t be disappointed. The breakfasts are outstanding, the company is entertaining, and the cost is less than most hotels in the vicinity, which don’t provide near the level of service you’ll receive here.

The first day had the best weather – 70s and sunny. It did cool off after that, but at least most of the rain held off, unlike last year. I took it easy on S this year because of the extra person she’s carrying around, so no strenuous hikes – only a few more months until that excuse is off the table… 🙂 We saw some nice scenery, had some good food, checked out some history, and of course, no trip would be complete without finding a few waterfalls.

Lots of windmills along the tops of ridges out here.

More to come later this week…


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