Garden update 10/3

Just about time to put things to bed for the year. There’s still plenty of stuff out there, but the first frost will take care of that pretty quickly. Which is due in just a couple weeks or so. How did it get to be October already? On a happy note, the drought has broken…

There are bunches of peppers and tomatoes left, but the tomatoes are taking noticeably longer to ripen. No longer can we go out and pick handfuls of cherries every day. Beans are still going, but pretty meagerly. It just was not a good bean year. The squash is getting ready to be picked, though the acorn just keeps going. I planted some cover crops in a few beds, but I don’t know how big they’ll get before a freeze, since it was pretty late before I planted them. That’s a problem with only having a few beds – by the time something is finished and I can clear it to plant cover crops, it’s just about the end of the season anyway. I don’t really have the space to do fallow rotations right now.

I did start working on a cold frame, and got all my winter greens planted. This will be the first year I’ve ever tried to harvest during the winter, so I’m excited to see what happens.


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