Long weekend in North Carolina

We took a little road trip to North Carolina for an extended weekend with the family. S and I were quite impressed with how well C did in the car, since his longest trip to date was about an hour. On the way down, it was late, so he slept for a good chunk of the time, but we came back home during the day and he was awake for all but an hour, with nary a cry. He did start making some loud noises toward the end when he was getting a little antsy, but other than that, he did awesome.

The weather wasn’t great, but we had one nice day to get out in the lake for a bit. He spent a lot of time grabbing handfuls of sand and throwing it in the water (like, a couple hours), and got to ride in a boat and on a jet ski for the first time. He’s seemingly part fish, so he always has a great time with the water. Of course, since there was so much excitement, he refused to take a nap, despite our best efforts. That being said, he was still in a good mood almost the entire time. He’s a good kid.

We did have blue skies for the first day.

Sand and water.

Getting ready for s’mores.

Behind the wheel.

“Do you have a problem with my driving?”


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