Listada de Gandia and Rosa Bianca eggplant

This year was better for eggplant than last – at least something enjoys the heat. As I’ve mentioned numerous times in the past, I pick what I plant in part based on looks, and eggplant was no different. Why just have a plain purple when you can get something even more beautiful? Listada de Gandia and Rosa Bianca are French and Italian heirloom varieties, respectively, and both make for a lovely harvest. Of course, the colors don’t hold up well to cooking, but they sure look nice when they get picked.

I planted both of these last year as well and got a grand total of zero fruits off of about seven plants, so I’ve been waiting a while to see something, and they haven’t disappointed. The flavor is not really any different (but then, I’m not an eggplant connoisseur), the skins are thin enough to leave on for cooking, and they add that nice semi-meaty texture to whatever they’re cooked with. I’m not sure how they’d compare production-wise with a newer hybrid, but for our purposes, six plants have produced plenty. These are keepers!

Listada de Gandia on left; Rosa Bianca on right.


4 thoughts on “Listada de Gandia and Rosa Bianca eggplant

  1. Hi, visiting from the Barn Hop. Thanks for your review of the eggplants. I always like to hear about other varieties. Would you mind listing your resources for the plants or seeds? Our Asian ones did exceptionally well this year too. Our two “Dusky” plants not so much. I think it was where they were placed in the garden. I see you’re from east of Cleveland. Our family lives on the lake, next to Geneva. Would love to have you check out my blog as it also has some gardening in it as well. I am following your blog now too…blessings! Nancy at

    • I got both of these from Seed Savers, though I’ve seen them in a couple other places as well. Good to hear from a fellow northeast-Ohioan!

  2. Those are beautiful! I grew eggplants for the first time this year and though they were just the normal ones I found them very beautiful too! I am still learning how to cook them so my family enjoys them but I think I will grow them again just because I love their flower and their purple color.

  3. […] about anything else. My peppers are just starting to come in, and I have plenty of tomatoes and eggplant, so this was screaming my name. The key, apparently, is adding each vegetable individually. It […]

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