A return trip to fire

Taking advantage of some nice weather last weekend, S and I did a Shaker Square double feature, first hitting the farmers’ market, then  brunch at fire, which officially becomes the first restaurant we’ve been back to since the initial visit. That’s not because we have a bad habit of picking bad restaurants; rather, it’s because we’re lucky to have so many high-quality establishments in the Cleveland area (and with a two year-old, it’s hard to get out that often) and there are so many on our list, we always opt to try another instead of returning to a previous hit. In this case, it was for brunch, so I don’t feel as bad… 🙂

We started off with the housemade sticky buns – warm, yeasty, gooey, and everything else you’d hope for from a sticky bun. S had the BBQ beef crepes, which had a touch of Southwestern flair to them with cilantro crema and black beans, and I tried the corned beef hash, complete with eggs, apples, lots of cheese, and a mustard aioli. Having occasionally partaken of grandma’s corned beef when I was much younger, I sometimes forget that the stuff in a can doesn’t really stack up to the real stuff. Needless to say, we enjoyed our meals as much as the first time we ate here.


2 thoughts on “A return trip to fire

  1. That sticky bun looks divine……beautiful photography! Fire is at the top of my CLE wishlist.

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