Further adventures in nap time

We’ve reached kind of a tenuous equilibrium with C and his sleep/escape artist routine. At nap time, he’s usually good for about an hour of jailbreaks before he finally falls asleep; unfortunately, usually while crying. Nights are better, mostly because he’s so tired by that point, he can’t fight as long. I’ve been letting him get out a few times just to get it out of his system, then I’ll lay him down and sit on the chair in his room until he falls asleep, which is generally within minutes. Occasionally, he’ll pick his head up to make sure I’m still there, but that’s about it. Must comfort him to know that I’m there, or just scare him into submission…

He’s also sleeping less – now, instead of going back to sleep when he wakes up (as he used to), he’ll decide that since he’s awake, he just might as well come downstairs. As a result, naps are averaging about an hour, where it used to be two, and he’s also up earlier in the morning. It is kinda funny though when he gets up in the morning (if it weren’t so early, it would be even funnier) – he’ll come into our room, turn the fan off, and pull the sheets off of us, because if he’s up, everybody needs to be up. I’ve tried reasoning with him, but of course, logic is not yet his strong suit. Poor boy just doesn’t understand that someday, he’ll want to sleep but won’t be able to, so he may as well stock up while he can.

I started his bed, but due to his lack of sleep, and almost complete lack of being-able-to-be-outside-unattended-while-I’m-working-without-running-into-the-street-or-the-bees-or-the-garden-or-the-dog-food-or-whatever-trouble-he-can-find, I’ve had very little time to do much. Which is unfortunate, because it’s a pretty simple project, and should only require a little bit more than very little time to finish. Such is life with a two-year old, I guess.


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