Garden Update 6/29

We’re once again going on two weeks without rain, so I’ve been watering something just about daily. Most of the bigger, more-established plants are doing fine being watered once a week, but some of the smaller seedlings would be crispy if I missed a day. Unless something happens in the next 36 hours, we’ll finish June with less than an inch of rain. About the only good thing resulting from that is that I haven’t cut the grass in June either.

In spite of the tough conditions, most plants are still chugging along. Even those darn peas, while slowing down and getting a little more stringy, are still flowering and pumping out new pods. I picked some turnips this week, and will probably pick the garlic this weekend. Most of the squash is liking the heat, especially the pumpkins that C helped me plant. Cucumbers are just starting to climb and bud, so I’ll be buried in pickles in a few weeks. The corn is also doing surprisingly well, and is well over waist-high. I’m not worried yet, but I’m looking into ways to keep raccoons out once it’s ready to pick. The potato plants are all mostly flopping over, but they’re still green. Sweet potatoes should be enjoying the heat too, and they’re just starting to really vine out. So all in all, things are pretty resilient, and hanging in there pretty nicely.

First kohlrabi I’ve ever grown.


Baby hubbard.



One thought on “Garden Update 6/29

  1. How nice to see a garden in which there are actually vegetables (not that I am bitter about the state of my garden this year). Especially kohlrabi. I love kohlrabi.

    Next year.

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