Sweetie Fry

We have a problem with ice cream. As in, we have a hard time resisting. Don’t get me wrong – we don’t eat ice cream with/for every meal; it’s really only once or twice a week, or less, on average. And we’re kind of ice cream snobs. No vanilla soft-serve for me (unless it’s from Angelo’s) – we like the premium, flavorful, unique stuff.

When we travel, we always find a local shop (or two… in every town?) to visit. We have a well-documented fixation with Jeni’s. When we lived closer to East Coast Frozen Custard, we often randomly ended up there. So when Sweetie Fry opened last year, we just had to get there. Of course, it took us a year, but make it we did. And I’m guessing it won’t take another year for the next visit.

Sometimes, names can be misleading. In this case, it sums things up perfectly. Sweetie Fry offers ice cream and fries. Don’t go expecting to have a little lunch or dinner before your dessert, because you won’t. Unless it’s fries. But what good fries they are.

We went simple this time, and tried the classic, sweet potato, and waffle fries. Delightfully fresh, hot, and a little crispy. The family plowed through them almost embarrassingly quickly, that’s how good they are. If you want something a little beyond the basic, they also offer selections such as pizza fries, Parmesan and truffle oil fries, Gorgonzola and Tabasco fries, and even funnel cake fries. Like I said, we’ll be back.

And on to the best part – the ice cream. With flavors like French toast, caramel pear, and goat cheese with honey and walnuts, they should have something to fit anyone’s taste. Among the deliciousness we sampled were key lime (wonderfully tart and refreshing on a hot day), chocolate with raspberry marmalade, strawberry sour cream, coconut, and maple bacon (a perfect mix of sweet and salty – is there anything that’s not improved by bacon?). To top it off (literally), they throw on a free mini-scoop so you can try another flavor. Fantastic.

Sweetie Fry on Urbanspoon


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