The color brown

Of which we’d better get used to – we’re getting a heavy dose of it lately, unlike the regular spring deluges from last year. It’s been a pretty frustrating spring so far in terms of weather (though, when isn’t it? As I’ve pondered many times before, is there really such a thing as perfect weather around here?), as we’ve had one semi-decent rain in the past month-plus, and even semi-decent is probably being generous; it was maybe a half-inch or so. I’d bet we had no more than an inch the entire month of May. Aside from that, we’ve had a few instances of sprinkles (that may as well be nothing), and lots of “a line of storms headed our way,” only to watch them magically dissipate or veer just south right before it hits us. Those are the worst.

Because much of what I’ve planted is still in a pretty delicate, early stage of growth, I have to water things almost daily, meaning I’ve already had to water more this year than I did all of last year. The grass was turning brown in May, which tends to not happen around here, even considering how messed up Ohio weather can be. I’m hoping this is not a harbinger for the rest of the summer, otherwise it’s going to be a long year.

The latest “rain” we had came the other day, and was about the most worthless two hours of “rain” I’ve witnessed. Again, everything heavier just seemed to vanish before it hit us, so while it “rained” for several hours off and on, it alternated between a mist and a heavy mist, and did nothing more than get the grass wet – I don’t even know if anything made it to the ground. The only good that came out of it was that we got to witness a nice rainbow just before sunset. Nice gesture.

Guess what the forecast looks like for the next week? Lots and lots of heat and sunshine. I hope the tomatoes are happy…


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