Weekend recap: Rick’s Cafe

With the long Memorial Day weekend, we were able to get some yard work done, I helped a friend move, and (gasp!), I even took a nap on Sunday afternoon. It was also the weekend for the annual Blossom Time Festival in Chagrin, so we headed down there both Saturday and Sunday night. The highlight of the weekend is the hot-air balloon launches that are scheduled to occur nightly all weekend. Scheduled to, but since ballooning requires near-perfect weather, and perfect weather is something that doesn’t really exist in northern Ohio, they don’t go up that often. But more on that later.

On Saturday, we walked around town, got ice cream (anyone surprised?), and were in position to see the balloons, but didn’t spot any (see above…). A few of them did end up launching about an hour late. So, since we didn’t see anything and it was dinner time, we stopped at Rick’s Cafe for a bite. Rick’s is on Main St., so we frequently walk past and catch a whiff of the grill. It’s always mouth-watering, and we’d always meant to stop, but hadn’t had the opportunity. They have lots of patio seating, and even a couple tables on the sidewalk, which we took advantage of – with a wild toddler, we like to stay as far away from other people as possible, and probably vice versa 🙂 And he didn’t disappoint, taking my glass of water and a straw, and flinging water in all directions.

We weren’t in the mood for anything fancy, and we just grabbed a couple burgers, and some beans and veggies for C. Mine had a few chunks of plantain for a little sweetness, and some jack cheese. S had kind of a variation on a lobster roll BLT. It was a good night for a burger, and it hit the spot. It’s a nice, casual sit-down joint, especially if you like eating outside on a summer evening.


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