Garden update 5/18

I’ve been able to harvest a few different things from the garden so far, with some more coming very soon. We might be just a little bit ahead of last year’s schedule, but not too much so, even with that warm spell in March. The potatoes are all up, the peas have reached the point where they seem to grow many inches in a single day, and the garlic is the tallest I’ve ever seen. I’ve been gradually planting more over the past week, and hope to get most of the rest of it in over the weekend.

I transplanted the tomatoes and peppers outside at the beginning of the week, since we’re approaching the average last frost date, and the extended forecast looks pretty good. Definitely dodged a bullet though – yesterday morning there was scattered frost throughout the area (even just down the road), but fortunately we didn’t get any. That could have been a disaster.

I’ve been mulching, and moving more topsoil into new beds, and slowly but surely, we’re making progress. We’ve planted some more perennials, a few annuals, and threw some seeds in a few beds. I told S it finally feels like something’s being accomplished, and things are starting to take shape a little more. Still a lot to go (and nothing’s ever really finished), but it’s looking better. And the peonies started to bloom, including a deep magenta one that hasn’t bloomed before. Very nice.


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