Destined to grow

C got his first real taste of gardening over the weekend. The work part anyway – he’s been enjoying the fruits of the garden since last year… He’s always liked to play in the dirt, and tried to help earlier in the spring when we were planting flowers. So since we had some nice weather and I was ready to plant a few more things, I let him help me out with some watermelon and pumpkin seeds.

He did a pretty good job of putting the seeds in the holes that I dug, then we covered the seed and patted the dirt down. When we were finished planting, he used his ducky watering can to help me water. He’s still just a wee bit overzealous with everything, and would much prefer simply digging holes, but I’d say he has a good future ahead of him.


One thought on “Destined to grow

  1. […] pick the garlic this weekend. Most of the squash is liking the heat, especially the pumpkins that C helped me plant. Cucumbers are just starting to climb and bud, so I’ll be buried in pickles in a few weeks. […]

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