I have the nicest radishes this year. I’ve only tried them a once or twice in the past, and they always turned out small, skinny, and too hot. It was probably a result of not having the best soil, and probably the same reason that carrots never turned out that well either. But with the new beds (and much looser soil), the radishes are doing great. They’re round and crispy, and a lovely shade of deep pink. And no, I probably wouldn’t say that about anything besides my radishes…

I picked a few yesterday, along with a nice bunch of spinach, and made a simple yet sublime salad. Fresh vegetables in the spring make those long, dark winter months seem bearable.

2 thoughts on “Radishes

  1. Have you tried carrots or any other root veggies in your loose soil?

    • I did carrots and beets last year (the first with the new raised beds) and had much success; they both turned out much better than I’d previously had in the clay-heavy soil. The carrots actually came out like… carrots. I added turnips and parsnips (in addition to the radishes) to the mix this year, and I’m hoping for similar results with those too.

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