A new addition

We added another member to the family over the weekend. No, not a child. Another dog. And we thought it was hectic around here before…

Brando came to us from a local shelter, and they think he’s about a year old and a mix of chocolate lab and Australian shepherd, and probably some other stuff too. Sadie needed to reiterate that she’s in charge, which he doesn’t seem to have a problem with, and they spend much of the time wrestling. He’s still enough of a puppy that he even wore her down, and I thought she was just about unstoppable. It’s been a crazy first couple days, and he still has some learning to do, but hopefully everyone will be settled in in a couple weeks and we can get back to some semblance of a routine.

One of the few breaks.

C’s monkey is definitely off-limits.


2 thoughts on “A new addition

  1. He is adorable! Hope he continues to settle in well. Judging by the photo of the two of them he’s made a friend for life 🙂

  2. We just adopted a, now, four month old Australian Shepherd, black Lab mix. Sometimes he can be full of energy. He is a chewer and a digger, but also very cuddly, not a barker, and eager to please. He has been pretty easy to train so far too. We have a 4 y/o beagle who needed his energy to get her off her butt! They wrestle all the time too and are adjusting to sharing pretty well. Congrats on your new addition.

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