Garden update 5/1

May looks to be rolling in with some pent-up anger, as the forecast is for warm and stormy off and on all week. As seems to be the norm, the weather is anything but normal. After a warm March, April ended up being below average, with not much in the way of precipitation. We had yet another freeze last weekend, which, for the third time this year, killed off the new growth on the grapes and froze the asparagus…

And with that, I’m officially done with winter. No more “Oh, it’s just Ohio” or “It’s just a little more snow, but it’ll be spring soon.” Done. I don’t want to see anything else below 40 until October.

Most of what I’ve planted is coming along fine and seems to be on schedule. I should be able to pick some radishes this weekend, the greens are still a week or so away from having enough to make a salad out of, the asparagus was doing well, the early strawberries are all blooming… life is just bursting out after a long hibernation. A couple more weeks until most everything else gets planted or transplanted – then we just sit back and wait.


2 thoughts on “Garden update 5/1

  1. That looks like some toothsome asparagus, did/do you need to wait 2-3 years before picking it?

    Looking forward to more garden updates…

    • You should be able to pick a little (up to 1/3) the year after you plant it. However, since so much of it has come up and been frozen, I probably won’t pick any this year, just so I don’t stress the plants too much and let them get stronger.

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