More adventures in keeping a clean home

When you live with a dog and an almost-two-year-old, there is only a certain level of cleanliness that it is statistically possible to maintain, and it’s pretty low. We can achieve a much higher level; it just doesn’t last much past naptime.

He's very into aromatherapy. Or just taking whatever he can reach out of the cupboard.

I didn't realize that he was strong enough to open an unopened bag of crackers. I don't think he did either.

One of the good things about a dog - if it's edible, we don't have to get the broom out.



2 thoughts on “More adventures in keeping a clean home

  1. Ahhh, a moment to walk down memory lane. My youngest is in his last year of elementary school and I’m already morning the end of the sweet innocent years. You have years ahead of you to worry about how clean the house is, so enjoy this time, it goes so fast. 🙂

    • We’re certainly trying 🙂 Fortunately, I don’t care about having a spotless house (I know I wouldn’t even without a child…), so for the most part, we just let him do what he does, and try to laugh with him, even as he finds the one clean spot on the floor and dumps his milk…

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