Jack Frost Donuts

We don’t eat a lot of donuts around here – they’re kind of a rare treat. This is partially because we just don’t eat a lot of sweets, partially because a good portion of our sweets consumption is Jeni’s ice cream and the occasional pastry from the farmer’s market, and partially because a donut is just a donut.

Or so we thought.

A while back, a coworker from the West side brought in some donuts from Jack Frost (located on Pearl Rd, right around the corner from the zoo). These were not just any donuts – if donuts can be gourmet, that’s what this was.

Since that time, I’ve been waiting for an excuse to make it back out to the West side (a 45 minute one-way trip just to get donuts isn’t quite justified, though maybe it should be) and pick some up. Happily, we had a “team-building” event for work recently that landed us in Parma, just a few short minutes from Jack Frost. So, of course, I headed out early to make sure I was able to secure a couple to bring back home. A couple… or half a dozen.

As far as flavors go, they have most of the basics (cream sticks, glazed, jelly, etc.), but also throw in some different tastes, like banana split, maple bacon, turtle, and chocolate peanut butter (which would seem like a basic flavor, but I rarely see). They don’t seem to do much in the way of fillings, but instead just pile the goodies on top rather than injecting it into the middle. In any case, quite good, and worth a stop if you’re in the area. (Note: for those concerned, we didn’t eat all six in one sitting)

The all-important cross-section

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5 thoughts on “Jack Frost Donuts

  1. As a west sider I have been known to stop at Jack Frost once or twice. They are devilish!

  2. Jack Frost is a Cleveland Institution. That place is about as old school as it gets. They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

  3. Yum they look so good I wish I had one with my tea!,My dad use to pick up Amy Joy donuts loved them

  4. I’ve been meaning to get for a year now and I just may ever-so-shortly. They are exactly the type of sweet-frosting-topped vittles I’m into!

  5. There is life before Jack Frost Donuts and then there is life after Jack Frost Donuts… YES!!! it is a life changing experience…. DONUT ECSTASY!!!!! AHHHHHHH 🙂

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