Garden update 4/11

Things have been quite busy around here, which is why I haven’t been posting much recently. Reseeding bare patches in the yard, digging new beds, moving rocks and dirt piles, planting trees, starting seeds, chasing the boy around… There’s a lot going on.

The weather continues to be strange. Although, I’m just accepting the fact that there really is no ‘normal’ weather, just an average based on dozens of years of highs and lows and in-betweens. We had, apparently, the warmest March on record, then no appreciable rain for almost two weeks (meaning I had to water the grass seed. Every. Day.), and today we woke up with a couple inches of snow on the ground. At least I don’t have to water this afternoon.

I haven’t planted anything else outside since the initial seeding almost a month ago now. I forget how quickly things dry out inside (in some cases, I need to water more than once a day in the cool, dry basement), and I’ve had to replant a couple tomatoes already because they’ve gone crispy.

After that really warm stretch, temps have more or less been normal for this time of year, so as much as is possible, things are kind of getting back to the way they should be outside. The early start doesn’t appear to have negatively impacted much. So far.


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