Garden update 3/20

I guess this is the first official garden update of the year. We’ve been enjoying a spate of 70 degree weather, so things outside are progressing a bit ahead of the normal schedule. It’s looking like temps will be a little more seasonal by this weekend, but still nice, relative to what we could be getting. I’m still expecting at least one more snow event.

I had a fairly productive weekend, and took a day off to take advantage of the good weather. I built four more raised beds in the veggie plot, and expanded the strawberry, raspberry, and asparagus beds. Same construction as last year – 4 x 8 cedar beds. This makes a total of ten for vegetables, and I still have to do some critical thinking to get everything to fit. It really is an addiction… The new fruit areas will have more berries, but the expansion by the asparagus won’t be used for more asparagus – I have a couple rhubarb plants coming, and it’s kind of going to be a squash overflow area, since there’s some more room for vines to grow.

A few seeds were planted – peas, spinach, chard, radishes, and turnips – and I transplanted the onion seedlings outside. I feel like I could just go ahead and plant everything, with as warm as it’s been, but I know the second I do that, we’ll have a week of hard frosts (and we still may). As tempting as it may be, I’m still sticking to the regular schedule with the tender plants. I also started all the peppers and eggplant inside, with tomatoes coming next week.

I did get to feed all the fruit trees and shrubs, and probably should prune a few of them. Beds got weeded – more beds still need to be weeded. I’ve been a little sore the past couple days from moving loads of dirt and bending and squatting so much. It really does take some time to ease back into summer shape.

So we got some things done, but still lots yet to do – and I wouldn’t mind if this weather just continues until October!

Anybody working on anything interesting, or just the post-winter cleanup and prep?


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