White House Chocolates

The last place we visited on Saturday was White House Chocolates, also conveniently located right on SR 87, in Burton. I’m going to hazard a wild guess that most of their ingredients are not sourced from around here… But we still enjoy a good chocolate now and again, and it’s nice to support a local small business 🙂

White House offers a wide variety of sweet treats – many flavors of fudge, a wide assortment of truffles, several cremes, dipped nuts, caramels, even some sugar-free selections – you get the idea. They also have a few little “gifty” things, I suppose the likes of which you’d find in a Hallmark store. Girly stuff, so I didn’t really pay attention. C and I were more concerned with sampling…

There’s a barn on the property that had a sign about a chocolate factory or something like that, but I’m not certain if they’ll let you watch them make anything.

The chocolates lived up to their billing, as we tried a few truffles and were not disappointed. A good dark chocolate shell combined with a creamy, ganache-y center… Yum. This stop alone made the trip worthwhile.


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