Fig Tree Bulk Foods

In addition to dairy products, I’m also always on the lookout for a good source of staples. Pantry staples, not paper staples.

To satisfy this urge, we went to Fig Tree Bulk Foods, also in Middlefield, right on SR 87. They carry a wide range of flours, other grains and grain products (like quinoa and oats), baking supplies, pastas, herbs and spices, canning supplies, full deli, and much more. When we visited, there was a room off the main store that mentioned fresh produce, but there was nothing in it at the time.

One of the great features of a bulk goods store like this is that stuff is cheap. We picked up a bag of whole wheat bread flour and five pounds of steel cut oats for just a few dollars. Most of these stores are also willing to special order just about anything for you – that’s customer service. There are a couple other similar places in the area that I’d like to visit – I’m not sure what it is, but I’m drawn to these traditional-style stores much more than I am to a modern grocery store.

So once again, if you’re ever in the Geauga County area, stop by Amish country and visit a few of the shops there. Lots of hidden gems if you know where to look!


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