Lamb bratwurst

No, we didn’t make it from scratch, which would have been a lot cooler, but it is from farm right down the street, the Great American Lamb Company. So the Dark Days meal this week isn’t all that exciting; I have a couple bigger ideas, but didn’t have the time or energy to put them together. And we’re getting to the point that we need some variety, preferably something green…

In addition to the brats, I halved a couple of the remaining acorn squash, baked them for about 40 minutes at 325 F, then drizzled some maple syrup over them. It was a simple meal, but good. The bratwurst was (I guess not surprisingly) pretty lamb-y, so S had a bit of a hard time finishing it. It probably could have used a nice yogurt sauce to temper the strong flavor, but alas, just getting them cooked was work enough for one night. I long for the days that I can go outside and pick something, then come inside and steam it for a few minutes, and that’s dinner. Getting closer, I suppose.

Have a nice weekend!


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