Should it rain or should it snow?

Winter can’t seem to decide if it wants to come or go. This morning we’re in the midst of yet another changeover from rain to sleet to full-blown snow, as seems to be the norm lately. I don’t think we’ve had more than a few consecutive days of the same thing since about November. It’ll be cold and snowy and windy, then three days later, the snow’s gone, it’s 50, and feels like spring is just around the corner. I suppose it’s a step or two up from last year, when we had almost two straight months of below-freezing temps.

On the one hand, it’s nice not always worrying about frostbite if you’ve been outside for more than five minutes. On the other, my mind needs clear-cut seasonal differences. I need a period of cold and snow (mind you, not too long) to reset for the next season in line. Kind of like a tree that needs x number of hours of chill-time in order to reset and produce buds for the following year. It’s also a lot cleaner if winter is really winter, for us and the dog. I much prefer frozen ground over mud, and so does she if she wants to spend time inside.

On unrelated notes, I ordered most of my seeds and some more small fruits this week, so I’ll have to get the seed-starting setup put together again. We have a bunch of new stuff on the docket this year, and I’m about doubling my garden space from last year. Seriously, it’s an addiction. I’ve also had a couple very late nights finishing the grout in the shower. It’s good to have the end in sight, but it makes for long days at work… All that’s left now is sealing and getting a door!

Do you prefer a spring-y winter or a winter-y winter?


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