Heads up, Picasso

We have a budding master on our hands now. It terrifies me that his “canvas” may turn into every open wall, floor, and piece of furniture available, but I suppose that’s life with a toddler (I seem to say that a lot…).

We got C some crayons a few weeks ago and recently let him try them out by taping a piece of paper to his high-chair tray and turning him loose. He wasn’t sure what to do at first, even though he’s pretty good about knowing what pens do (and mommy’s not always so good about keeping the caps on the pens…). He eventually made a few scribbles, then did a nice sketch of the dog before he got bored and did what he does with everything else: threw the crayons onto the floor. Unfortunately for him, this time Sadie didn’t eat what he dropped, which is always a great source of entertainment. And fortunately for us, they were pretty tough and didn’t shatter when he threw them. He might be small, but he has a good arm already.

It still makes me nervous that we’re now encouraging him to make colored marks on things, and he doesn’t know the difference (or does he?) between what he’s allowed to color on and what not to “beautify.” He also got an easel for Christmas, so when he starts to take more of an interest, he may end up spending lots of time in the basement with said easel to develop his skills. The added bonus is that he can color on the floors and walls all he wants in the basement. So, while he may not quite be ready for Mona Lisa II yet, he’s sure to create some kind of masterpiece. Just hopefully not in anything permanent.

Hey, creating art can be intense.


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