Ramblings from the middle of December

Well, we’re just over 10 days from Christmas. Hope everyone’s just enjoying the season and not getting too stressed out (mother). Here in Ohio, we still haven’t had much snow – a few little dustings, but nothing that’s really lasted. This past weekend was our first true cold stretch of the season, where the frost and snow stuck around for a few days, and didn’t melt when the sun came up. On a happy note, the days start to get longer next week!

We took another random trip down to Tower City over the weekend. Kinda bummed, they didn’t have all the decorations up that they usually do. C still enjoyed the Christmas tree and giant toy soldiers, but the flying things would’ve been neat too. In any case, we had a good time walking around, he got to ogle all the “pretties” (lights), and we had some hot chocolate and a latte at a little local coffee shop. And I didn’t wear gloves, so my hands got cold. Good winter fun.

S and I are hosting a bunch of friends this Saturday, which means a lot of cleaning and trying to finish projects that should have been done a long time ago. I did get all the shoe molding cut and installed in the kitchen; it looks nice, and now there are no more gaps between the floor and the baseboard where we can lose crumbs. Regarding the cleaning, I’m going to wait until the last possible minute, because if we had done it already, we literally would have had to clean it six more times between now and Saturday. If you think I’m joking, I’ll let you rent the child for a day… The good thing about this is that it gives us an excuse to pick up around here and get some more projects knocked out that otherwise would have remained idle.

On an unrelated note, anybody ever seen the Syfy movie Yeti? They’re having marathons of winter-related movies (think Abominable, Ice Spiders [another good one], and Snowmageddon), and I caught some of Yeti on Saturday. I’m a sucker for overly cheesy sci-fi flicks (it all started with Alligator when I was but a wee young boy), but only in small doses. I couldn’t handle a marathon. Anyway, Yeti ranks up there as an all-time classic (although, they kind of all do if done right). It’s a newer movie (2006 or ’08?), but has terrible special effects, terrible acting, terrible costuming, ridiculous plot… and by terrible, I mean awesome. Go check it out if you have a few minutes. You may not be able to handle the entire thing in one sitting though. Just a heads up.

Checking out the fountain.


Terminal Tower from inside.



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