First seed catalogs

Is it just me, or is this really early to be getting seed catalogs? I’ve gotten two already, before I’d even finished cleaning the garden up from this year. I love my gardens, but I need some time to decompress a little before I start to even think about what the next year will bring. Come January and February, these catalogs will be welcome escapes from the winter blahs, and bring about the anticipation of that first glimpse of green, living things in the yard, but not yet.

I did read something a few days ago from one of the seed companies, saying that their customers like to receive catalogs around the New Year holiday. New Year’s is one thing; Halloween quite another. Is it now like Christmas creep, where radio stations are playing Christmas music on Veteran’s Day, and stores are putting out their displays in October?

Anybody else getting catalogs yet? Anybody ready to start ordering yet? 🙂


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