Winterfest 2011

Winterfest is the lighting ceremony they do each year on Public Square in Cleveland. We’ve never been before, but we have a little kid that likes bright lights, and the weather was nice, so we headed on down Saturday afternoon. They had carriage rides (that were supposed to go until 5, but stopped at 4:30, so we didn’t get to go), a couple large screens showing Christmas-themed entertainment (Rudolph was on when we walked by), and Santa, who was bunkered down inside the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument. There were also a bunch of food trucks lined up, so we were able to grab a couple bites to eat.

C cooperated fairly well, at least while we were pushing him around in the stroller. When they got closer to the actual lighting event, I took him out so we could see better, at which point he got pretty squirmy and wanted to be put down, which was obviously not going to happen in a crowd of several thousand people, which obviously made him even more squirmy. I think he had a good time though – he liked the lights (for a little while at least), and the fireworks engrossed him, but unfortunately, didn’t last long enough to keep him very still. I don’t like crowds much, but he had fun, so I suppose it was worth the trip 🙂

Wouldn't smile until they gave him a candy cane.

Stinker already won't smile without being funny.


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