November weekends

So after that snow on Friday, we actually had a decent weekend, and we’ll probably still be in the 60s for the next day or two. Then snow in the forecast the day after that. I guess that’s par for the course in November.

I was able to get a bunch of trim up on the barn, and finished shingling yesterday (and glad I’m done with that – fiberglass shingles are nasty buggers), so now most of what’s left is getting the doors assembled and hung, then putting the window in (which is still on order, with an ever-later estimated arrival day). Then moving all the split logs that are littering the property to their new home.

S helped clean up most of the rest of the garden too – she ripped out what was left in the pepper and tomato beds, mercifully putting those plant skeletons to rest. It’s a bummer to not have anything green left in the garden (except those crazy peas), but looking at the freshly turned soil, it conveys a sense of not only the end of this season, but also of new beginnings yet to come. It lets me get my hopes up for next spring, when we’ll start it all over again. And of course, I have big plans for next year. But for now, I’m going to try to go into hibernation as soon as that barn is finished, and take it easy until spring. Just as soon as I finish tiling the shower. And shelves for C’s room. And the shoe molding in the kitchen and foyer.

No rest for the weary. I do plan on not working at such a frantic pace though, and trying to take time to just live life. Pretty soon I won’t have to worry about capitalizing on a nice day to get yard work done, so we can slow down a bit.


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