Roasted cauliflower

Now that we’re getting into the cooler, darker days of late fall, the menu is changing with the weather. We picked up a bunch of produce at the farmer’s market last weekend, including turnips, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and today’s highlight, cauliflower. Multi-colored cauliflower.

Super simple to prepare, and super good.

Cut into smallish chunks, toss in a bowl with a little olive oil and seasoning (we have a really good seasoning for roasted vegetables; I think it came from the hodge-podge food aisle at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s). Bake at 450 F for about half an hour, stirring once about halfway through.

The roasting process really changes the flavor. For those that don’t like raw cauliflower, this would be a good recipe to try. It had a taste almost like roasted corn, reminiscent of tortilla chips. Interesting, and quite good.

We had it with a t-bone steak done up with a wet rub and very tender. Aside from the fact that it was 9:30, it was a most enjoyable dinner.


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