Back, and some fall pics

Whew. That was a longer than anticipated hiatus. Sorry. It’s been a whirlwind though, trying to get everything done before the long chill starts. We had a beautiful stretch of about a week of sun and warm weather, and we packed as much into that as possible, hence, no time for blogging. It really was fantastic out, and I probably say this every year, but the leaves seemed especially vibrant in many areas. And with the deep blue sky as the backdrop… couldn’t have asked for nicer fall weather. So we were able to get the garden (mostly) cleaned up, leaves raked, got some things planted, wood split, the last part of the yard seeded, a barn started… why do something in July when you can wait until October and the pressure to get it done before the snow flies?

We got to play outside, went apple picking again, grabbed some pumpkins and mums, and just generally tried to enjoy that last bit of niceness. Because if you’re from around here, you know that it’s probably the nicest it’ll be (at least for that length of time; we’ll probably get another nice day or two) until about, oh… May. I didn’t exactly get to sit around and enjoy it, but at least I was outside.

Of course, there’s still a bit to do on the barn, and of course, since that nice stretch ended, it’s been cold and rainy, and looks to continue that trend this week. Nature is all about balance, it seems. Posts from our trip later this week (for real).

When we put him down in the backyard, the boy, without fail, makes his way to the tomatoes. That's how I know he's mine. That and his good looks.

Moon coming up over the trees.

The beginning of the barn.


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